Rigel Rectangular Luxury Table

Rigel rectangular luxury table is a luxury Italian coffee table which belongs to the Orangerie Samuele Mazza Collection. Rigel has got frame in natural rattan and wickerwork in rawhide, glasses/marble top, ​​entirely hand made in Italy, with knowing craftsmanship, rediscovering natural material and precious traditions of the past. By virtue of collection’s craftsmanship, both the size and features can be customized to meet every requirement. It is suitable for indoor and protected outdoor use to avoid to damage the natural materials .It is available squared and round table also. cm 130x57x34h cm 148x57x34h   cm 180x67x34h

Dimensions: 130x57 x34 cm. Dimensions USA: 4'4"x1'11" x1'2" Materials: natural rattan,rawhide metal and marble

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