Canopo Oval Dining Table Casa dei Limoni Collection

Canopo Oval Dining Table Casa dei Limoni Collection: Canopo Oval Table is the new idea of Dining Tables showed into last Milan Fair dated 2017 into a large lemon house set. It is an amazing item with an elegant Brazilian finished marble effect ceramic top  and sinuous wooven synthetic resin structure. Through the use of high quality materials and sophiticated processing, Samuele Mazza gave the birth to this unique table .Each Canopo Oval Table can be adapted to the customer’s requierements and completely tailored for specific enviroment.

They are available the Canopo T2 lunch Chairs presented into the Fair in the new green follage fabric, the Canopo T2 Sofa and the Canopo Loungers equipped with a reclining backrests. This Collection would give to the outdoor the energy of the colours and of the glamour.


Materials: wooven synthetic resin and ceramic top

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