Harmony Padded Dining Chair

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Harmony padded dining chair: art 752 is a luxury italian dining chair, available with fabric upholstery. It is enterely made in Italy, realized by artisans with high manual skills. It was presented during Milan Fair 2017 into a suggestive setting. Florence Collection collects the indelebly signature of Tuscan culture and art Harmony collection shows this identity. It has got an high customization capability, to include your own identity into your living enviroment. Art 752 is embellished by 100% glossy lacquered and metallic caps on the legs. It is available the tables also, the round one (art 750) and the rectangular version (art 751).

Dimensions: 53x60.5 x82 cm. Dimensions USA: 1'9"x2'0" x2'9" Materials: wooden,metal and fabric

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