Tetris Innovative Bed

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Tetris Innovative Bed: MH Design is proud to present this new exclusive modular and that can be assembled in alternative configurations.

For example you can freely move each fabric tile in order to create different pattern and make it unique and make it unique every time. Its contemporary and modern style can match to different furniture solutions and surely it never gets boring !

Tetris bed is proposed in a combination of fabrics and fur specially selected by our staff but of course it can be customizable selecting other fabrics, fur, leather etc… Moreover wooden frame can be also customizable in different lacquered finish and this is because the final result can be really only limited by  imagination.

As usual this piece is guarantee and made entirely in Italy – Made in Italy.
Dimensions: 200x200 x200 cm. Dimensions USA: 6'7"x6'7" x6'7" Materials: Fabric, fur and wooden

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