Nuage Hanging Sofa

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Nuage Hanging Sofa: Nuage sofa can be considered as the “older brother” of the other armchair “Petite Nuage” and can be also considered an hanging sofa due to its innovative shape.

It represents its evolution in order to be suitable for bigger place such living room, dining room and exclusive lounge. Therefore it can be freely placed close to the armchair “Petite Nuage” carrying our very exclusive and trendy.

It has been proposed in two different solutions. First one in rosewood wooden finish, plexiglass on one side and full fabric upholstered while the other solution is in white lacquered structure always using plexiglass and several fabrics. In particular our staff can match different fabrics in order to make it unique.

As usual of course this product can be full customizable using different finish (different wooden or different lacquered colour and shades) because our philosophy is to give to our clients special and exclusive products.

Only Made in Italy by our highly qualified craftsmen.

Dimensions: 300x100 x45 cm. Dimensions USA: 9'11"x3'4" x1'6" Materials: Rosewood, plexiglass, fabric and fur

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