Petit Nuage Hanging Armchair

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Petit Nuage Hanging Armchair: If you’re looking for an exclusive an unique piece to place in your home Petit Nuage armchair can be your solution.

It can be also considered an hanging armchair due to its innovative shape.

Mixing several material (fabric, plexiglass, metal in gold leaf) you can get contemporary modern style that can match to different finish solution. For example you can freely place wherever your prefer making your home very exclusive.

In particular plexiglass and fabric have been selected to raise such armchair getting also a very comfortable seat. This is because our staff spent a lot of time looking to select proper padding material and fabric because exclusivity and comfort have to go hand in hand ! Fully customizable (for example different measures, fabrics…) and completely Made in Italy

Dimensions: 100x100 x45 cm. Dimensions USA: 3'4"x3'4" x1'6" Materials: Gold Leaf, plexiglass and fabric
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