Hanging Vanity Unit Leon


Hanging Vanity Unit Leon: Leon 122 is a luxury italian hanging vanity unit with 2 basin. It is an elegant item with its weavy frontal doors and marble top. The quality of this product is expressed in the choise of the materials, in the care of each detail, in the respect of the execution rules. Tradition of handmade works, tipical of Italy, is strongly settled in Tuscany ,where Corte Zari is located. Shown in mother of pearl finish and 2-holes countertop basin and “Calacatta oro” marble top.Corte Zari offers a complete look with customization in every detail. In fact the vanity unit is customizable on request to make it more suitable for each enviroment.

Dimensions: 183x54 x61.5 cm. Dimensions USA: 6'1"x1'10" x2'1" Materials: wooden, mother of pearl and marble

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