Italian furniture design: MH DESIGN

Design made in Italy has always been a benchmark of elegance, high quality and beauty in design process and selection of materials. An important example is MH DESIGN brand which bring together both made in Italy design tradition and modernity with its innovative solutions.

TETRIS is an innovative bed mentioned in 2016 by MarieClaire magazine as one of the high rank special products at “Salone del Mobile” in Milan. 

TETRIS is a modular product and it can be done in so many ways using different fabrics and materials.  Such as Tetris game each modular piece making up the headboard may be replaced or freely moved. This is in order to create original and unique patterns. Even wooden frame can be customized through several lacquered finish.

bed made in italy
Tetris innovative Bed.

Each MH DESIGN models have been planned to match with different furniture and design layout solutions. This is a production series but still limited and bespoke. The main feature of this made in Italy Design brand is the opportunity to customize each furniture piece. 

Nuage is a particular suspended sofa with its innovative and original shape. Its particular design has been connected to the table and it has also a plexiglass foot in order to lighten the structure and create a visual effect like a suspended cloud. This sofa has been planned in rosewood wood finish, plexiglass and fabric upholstery. Otherwise we propose it in white lacquered structure always with plexiglass and several fabrics covering.

We also propose armchair “Petite Nuage” perfectly matching to the sofa.

sofa made in italy
Nuage Hanging Sofa.

In fact armchair “Petite Nuage” is well-coordinated to that sofa. This is a stackable armchair because of the innovative shape. It fits well in every rooms. Trendy and really customizable.

armchair made in italy
Petit Nuage Hanging Armchair.

XY is a wooden dining table by MH DESIGN. Rosewood wooden finish, lacquered details and tempered glass top. The table has an overall lenght of 180cm and because of mechanical structure it can be customized to the client’s specifications. MH DESIGN is able to enrich each modern rooms with is natural elegance making it exlusive and really appreciable.

table made in italy
XY Wooden Dining Table.

HM DESIGN is an Archiproject brand that differs from overview of modern design made in Italy because it is able to express modern feature of each furniture. 

HM DESIGN is an Archiproject brand who plays made in Italy modern style: our focus is to customize furniture giving rise to each furniture elements in order to express any features and make it changing through time.

Only in this way we can make furniture exclusive and inimitable.

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