It is 1970 when Rino Zari, a young craftsman with a passion for brass and casting, decided to base his future livelihood on his own creativity and capabilities.
Thanks to work done with the help of the country’s most important designers and architects and the constant inspiration given by the wonderful landscapes of the countryside between Siena and Florence the company has made many conquests and received numerous acknowledgements over the course of the years.
Production has been intensely extended and diversified, and materials have been renewed and enriched – in addition to brass and aluminium, now iron, copper, wood and glass are used as well. These, and the lucky geographical location are the components of a skilful, passionate craft with a single-worded motto: Excel.
Cortezari is able to propose with its usual high quality and appeal both classical or contemporary solutions, with a unique design, never expected, never pretentious, always instilling to the house that inimitable, unique, charming atmosphere .

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