A small traditional Venetian workshop based on a deep PASSIONthat continued to improve its QUALITY with growth.The Classic Shapes of Calegaro Silver, expertly hand crafted, become popular and appreciated in our sectorgaining an increasingly larger and more demanding clientele.Luigi Calegaro established the Argenteria Calegaro in 1921 in downtown Padua,the first Silvers Craftsmen in all of Padua.
Guided by Francesco Calegaro, production further expanded,made possible by the introduction of the latest technologies and applicationof increasingly more sophisticated and innovative smithing techniques.A nineteenth century villa that once belonged to the counts Emo Capodilista,magnificent settings for the PRIVATE CALEGARO SHOWROOM and prestigious Headquarters matching the Beauty our craftsmen create every day.
The company moved to Praglia in the Euganean hills in 1969to a 40,000 square meter property with 12,000 covered.SILVER represents the essence of Argenteria Calegaro.Hand embossing, chiselling and decorations, always attentive to durability.
Calegaro Silversmith is now able to offer almost one century of experience in silversmithing,both concerning CLASSIC TECHNIQUES and INNOVATIVE PROCESSING NEEDS.How are products are made and how much they are finished is hard to understand,unless you touch them.

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