2017 Design Trends

2017 design trends is rich of novelties and also of some confirmations.

Different furniture trends can be always original and up to date also even if  looking to redesigned styles.

Let’s start from the beginning trend 2017: Return to the 80s style revisited in a contemporary way.

During 80s every home environment became bigger and open-space was spreading everywhere. That’s a typical American concept: now kitchen, dining room and living room come together in a only big environment.

Living room became the focal environment with its unfailing TV space and first home-surround system.

Everyone start to prefer comfortable environments just to relax while at the same time  chairs became original design products which give more value to the whole furniture.

The 80s were also the years of excesses both in fashionable colors and in selecting of fashion brands because everyone were looking a real status symbol.

Strong colour shades come back in the most recent 2017 trends. We discover again polished lacquered wood, brass and of course precious Italian marbles.

Round side table: materials leather, marble and metal.

An other interesting 2017 design trend will be tapestry and its specific processing. Damask fabrics and sumptuous fantasies will keep coming back such as any trimmings, fringes, embrasses… and any other typical working process made in Italy.

We can find these fantasies on wallpapers ,curtains and carpets but also in the choice of  fabric/leather coverings and any other working details for armchairs, chairs, sofa and any upholstered pieces.

That’s a classical and stylish style but at the same time it’s also a contemporary style.

Collection Raimond Sofà

2017 furniture style is a mix able to match themes and fabrics in damask shapes to other minimalist styles.

Oriental inspiration is last design trends 2017. This style persists in recent years.

In particular floreal themes and typical oriental landscapes merge together with basic and clean elements.

They became exclusive complement furniture to locate inside each home environment.

2017 design trends favors elegant shapes and luxury material in order to match them to other modern elements. Meanwhile classic and minimalist style with its neutral colors will be always recognizable as an element of style. Furthermore people look for coloured and faschionable accessories.

It is no accident that Pantone Greenery colour (similar to apple green shade) has been appointed as 2017 best selection. It is at the same time both a revitalizing and fresh natural shade.

Star Gate Big Mirror

Each surface material, their colours but also mirrors and amazing play of light enhance every design details in order to get unique and exclusive environments.

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